A Few Quick Takes

* A few days ago Real Dirty Mets posted about Sandy Alderson looking at some bullpen arms. I find this aggravating. If we just sign a few crappy middle relievers, it will prove that Alderson misread the off-season market. The only good reason to have any cash left is if we are going to use it to pick up something more useful in a trade than what we have passed on. The best place NOT to spend is the relief market, yet every year this is where Alderson blows his tiny wad. In fact, so far his signature moves are trading star players for prospects and signing bad relief pitchers. And…waiting…for…something…I…guess.

Metsmerized is posting their prospect lists and this week they got to numbers 25 through 21. I love this stuff; it’s the type of information you just couldn’t get pre-blog. The amount of reporting on the minors has exploded, and it’s always fun to dream about tomorrow a little. Especially when you are a fan of the 2013 Mets. I do have a couple of quick predictions on two guys from this week’s list. One, Danny Muno will never make the Hall of Fame, having tested positive for PEDs. Sorry Danny, that’s the breaks. Next, Cory Mazzoni will never be in a Met rotation. I went to see Mazzoni pitch last year and got there early so I could also hang by the bullpen and watch him warm up. Low 90’s my eye. At 24 it is not coming either. If we could ever make him a throw-in as part of a deal, it would be a good idea.

* Chris Young, still not signed. Nor is Jon Rauch. And of course, Scott Hairston. When you look at all the guys who ARE signed it makes you think, “Want to become unmarketable? Join the Mets.” With Hairston, it is incredible how much virtual ink has been spilt on the ongoing saga of, “Where will Scott Hairston land?” Here’s to better days, when a Met fan worries about that as much as he or she should, which isn’t much.

* I’m a little late with this but I really want to thank Shannon Stark from The Mets Police for a few things. One, he organized the first Mazzy Awards, which was a nice fun night for Met bloggers to just chill. Two, he picked a long-time favorite spot of mine, as the site, Donovan’s of Woodside. And lastly, he actually took a good amount of time out of the night to hang with me and make me feel at home. As a newbie blogger on the block, that was appreciated. So thanks. The Awards were fun and, yes, the burgers took forever to come. But when it comes to Donovan’s burgers, Sandy Alderson has nothing on me, I will wait all day. Unlike a Frank Francisco signing, it is always worth it.







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  1. Dan says:

    Great post. Agree with everything you said. Unfortunately, another lost year and possibly 2 or 3.

  2. We need the BullPen badly as our goal will be to try to keep the other team out of double digits this year!

    The good news is we won’t need a full time closer as we will not be in many games with this lineup.

    The team that they are fielding in Spring Training looks to be one step above the St. Lucie Mets, the single A team

    If you dare show your face to a Met game this year 1) Go in April so they are not mathematically eliminated yet. 2) Bring a couple of paper bags to put over your head so nobody knows it was you that we’re one of the 100 fans that went to a game

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