5 Quick Takes: Dickey, Catchers, Upton, Good Songs, Bad Songs


* Congratulations to R.A. Dickey on winning the National League’s Cy Young Award. R.A. has been the big bright shining light for us as Mets fans since joining the team, and it is wonderful to see him recognized for his magnificent season. I have previously mentioned that I understand why the team would trade Dickey, but what I don’t know is how well I can handle it. For now, we have one 2012 Champion!

* I have seen a lot of articles about all the catchers we are NOT considering. In the meantime, we re-signed Mike Nickeas. I don’t want to overreact on this, as long as he stays safely away from the Eastern Time Zone in Las Vegas, no problem. But we better not see this guy in New York again, period. I don’t think wanting major league players on the major league roster is asking for too much.

* Which reminds me of our tweet, shortly after we heard about the Reyes trade, that Toronto now has three catchers better than Josh Thole. Jimmy also mentioned the glut of catchers the Jays now have, earlier today. I sure hope we are in active contact with Toronto right now.

 * I don’t know why people pine over Justin Upton. If we are going to trade a Dickey or a Niese, I want someone younger and cheaper. I don’t see a match with our situation and Upton.  

* In a lot of ways I’m a traditionalist but not when it comes to walk-up songs. I love music and like the walk-up song as a little glimpse into a player. On the current team, my favorite walk-up song is Ruben Tejada’s, with the sublime “Na De Na.”  I don’t know how anyone can hear this song and NOT want to just jump up and dance around Citifield. If you have never heard it, you can listen below. On the opposite side of the spectrum is Justin Turner, who chooses to come to bat with “Call Me Maybe” playing. This would cause me to lose all respect for Turner, if I had any.


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  1. Kelly G says:

    Hey – I like “Call Me, Maybe”! However, as a 20-something, I am its target audience.

    My favorite walk up song is a tie between Dickey’s “Imperial March” (for the obvious reasons of: it is an awesome song and I am a Star Wars fan) and Murphy’s “Shipping off to Boston” (for the obvious reasons of: it is an awesome song and it’s funny to me that Murphy walks up to a Dropkick Murphys song).

    • Michael Geus says:

      “Imperial March” is a wonderful walk-up song. It’s a wonderful anytime song, I recommend it blasted loud, after a tough day of work.

      But there is only one “Na De Na”.

    • Alan K says:

      My favorite walk up was Lucas Duda and “All Along the Watchtower” by Hendrix. However, it might be the only thing I like about Lucas Duda.

    • Ken H. says:

      As a 2×20-something, I too like ‘Call Me Maybe,’ but not as a walk-up song. It makes Justin Turner seem like he’s either (a) going out with Carly Rae Jepsen (unlikely), or (b) pining for her while he’s drinking Zimas alone (pathetic).

      And as a side note, congratulations to my latest favorite Met, R.A. Dickey! If the Mets are wise, they will figure out a way to get this guy some money by way of a front-loaded contract. Since we don’t have a shot in 2013, we might as well offer R.A. a 3-year contract with some upfront rewards. Following 2013 (aka The Year of Dickey’s Rewards), imagine a 2014/15 with a cheap Harvey, cheap Wheeler, manageably-priced Niese and not-so-expensive Dickey? We might actually be able to afford some offensive players that could beat me in a keg league HR derby (not named Hairston, of course).

      • Michael Geus says:

        I understand your financial concept but that will not happen. The only move made so far, with Bay, included some amount of money shifted outward (exact terms have been fairly guarded). The move you propose would contradict that direction. If a deal with Dickey is done I fully expect it to be an extension with the $5 million for 2013 remaining in place.

        • So what’s the terms of contract that you feel is realistic for Dickey, and that you could live with as a fan, Mike? What’s the offer that gets it done for R.A.?

          • Michael Geus says:

            I could live with two additional years at $15 million per. The average is still not bad, it’s only a three year commitment and year one is a good deal for the team. If he wants to go out more years than that I would try and trade him.

      • Ken H, do you want to ride on my sad, lonely, “Trade Wright” bandwagon? Not that I don’t want Wright, of course, but given the situation of low funds and low talent, my emphasis would be to retain quality pitching, save $20 million to help address catching and other areas, plus benefit from who we get in the Wright trade. In addition, you aren’t committing to a seven-year contract that takes you into 2019.

        • Michael Geus says:

          That is not a bandwagon, it is a one seat bicycle.

        • Michael Geus says:

          As long as we are picking and choosing from 2012 for David.

          2012 pre All Star game Stats: .351/.441/563.

          Now, what does this have to do with Angel Y Khriz again?

          • At least my sample size is 3x larger. Plus you can throw in 2010 season, too, and the first half of 2012 sure looks like the outlier to me. Hey, I like Wright a lot. But that’s a long contract for big bucks and we’re broke, so I’m just not as sanguine about it as you guys.

  2. Kelly, I love it when you comment. You should write your own guest post someday. We’ll call you a “pinch-hitter” or something clever like that. Besides, you’re kind of a guy anyway, and I mean that in the best possible way. When I was first dating my wife, it was during the NCAA’s and she suggested that we got to a bar, order some wings, and watch the games. Naturally, I proposed not long after. So being a “guy” isn’t a gender thing, we don’t roll that way, it’s a state of mind.

    Also: wow, two full colons inside parenthetical comments, amazing sentence construction, executed perfectly. Fancy! You must have learned grammar on your daddy’s knee. Most importantly, you’ve got to credit that song to Ramon Castro — he’s the first Met I ever heard using “Imperial March.”

    And seriously: think about that guest-blogger thing.

    I conclude with a piece of advice from one of my writing heroes, Kurt Vonnegut: “My advice to writers just starting out? Don’t use semicolons! They are transvestite hermaphrodites, representing exactly nothing. All they do is suggest you might have gone to college.”

    • Kelly G says:

      I refer to myself as “one of the guys” all the time. I take it as a compliment.

      And yes – I should also credit Castro. I was just thinking about current Mets. He looked a bit like Vader with that big head.

      I will think about guest-blogging.

      As for Vonnegut – I guess he’s right. I was a writing minor in college.

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