2 Guys Work Edition: Resume Building, and the Importance of Friends in High Places (Just Ask Terry)

chickenbackIt’s another Monday, back to work everyone! No, not you J.P., please, I know you are on a limited schedule. But everyone else, let’s go! Even I will chip in and lift a finger, dole out a few takes from the world of the Mets.

* According to Mike Puma of the New York Post Terry Collins is safe and sound in his Citi Field bunker. One reason cited was that Collins is tight with Sandy Koufax and Fred doesn’t want to jeopardize his relationship with Sandy. If we were not talking about Wilpon, I would laugh that report off, but since we are talking about Fred, who knows? It’s so humorous on multiple levels. Remember, Fred talked Sandy out of a lot of his life savings, “Don’t worry, Sandy, Bernie will take care of you.” That doesn’t damage a friendship, but whacking Terry Collins is unpardonable? The overall lack of logic and common sense surrounding this team would be so funny, if it was just another team.

*First I saw this tweet from Blue and Orange Nation,

Next, I got a good look at the San Diego Padres. Wow, that is another bad and boring team. I wouldn’t want anything to do with that disaster on my resume.

Sandy-Alderson padrespaul-depodesta-jpg






*This is a tough time to be a Mets season ticket holder. Sandy Alderson met with a group of them on Saturday and offered sage advice.

“So, at this point, do what I do: Ignore Twitter and try to ignore the blogosphere and have a beer when you go home tonight.”

I won’t argue the first two, but is beer really strong enough to deal with this team? It hasn’t been for me.


*On Saturday Chris Young allowed a catchable ball to fall in the left field gap, rather than risk getting his uniform dirty. He also struck out four times. After the game he whined about being booed, including this gem:

“You are out there busting your butt, trying to do your best. As a player, that’s all you can do.”

Please. Young jogged after the ball he missed and refused to dive. He moped up to the plate and back for every embarrassing at bat. The fans are not blind, so they reacted.

*Nice job by Carlos Torres yesterday in an emergency situation. Torres has been used in almost every conceivable role this year and rarely has he not come through.

*Travis d’Arnaud went to Vegas and immediately starting hitting like Babe Ruth. Of course he did. Now, that is better than if he didn’t hit there. But it’s impossible to know if it means anything. It’s just nuts that the Mets allowed themselves to get in this situation with their minor league system. One more bad joke from this clown show ownership.

Wilpon Pointing


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  1. wkkortas says:

    Are we sure that Fred is really tight with Koufax? I mean, Sandy’s not the most high-profile guy in the world–has he ever been quoted on the subject? Are we sure it’s not someone like Bob Hendley or Rob Gardner who has fooled Fred into thinking that he’s really Koufax? Let’s face it, it’s not like Wilpon doesn’t have a track record of falling for implausible ideas.

  2. Alan K. says:

    That picture of Fred is priceless! Perhaps he was following Alderson’s advice.

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