2 Guys Talking Mets/Yankees: Murphy Needs to Stay, Tejada Needs to Go, and Jeff Needs To Shut Up!


On Monday, Duda plays a single (or an out) into a triple. Next a flare drops in front of Baxter because he is playing on the warning track with Nix batting. 1-0 Yankees. Later on, of course, Gardner robs Murphy of a home run and saves two runs. Tuesday Gardner did it again and cost us at least one run. A Byrd miscue created the Yankees sole run.

Gardner catch 1

Gardner Catch 2The Mets came through both nights but at one point in each game the entire game hinged on outfield defense.  You know what a big deal it is to me, Jimmy. When we fix this outfield, defense needs to be on the list.


I think it’s one of the most undervalued aspects of contemporary baseball, perhaps because of the proliferation of offensive statistics, or just the PED-fueled boom period of the recent past. Outfield defense is a quality that’s hard to quantify, and some folks need numbers.


It left me thinking that unless he goes to first base, Duda has to go. Citi Field is not the place for his glove. He can’t hit enough to justify playing him in left field.


This has been my concern since I met the guy. We play in Citi Field. If we are gong to be built on pitching, how can the team throw a lumbering clod — no offense, Lucas! — into the outfield. If I had to make the decision today, I’d conclude he has no future in the Mets outfield. And I’d probably say the same thing about Ike Davis at first base. Fortunately, we don’t need to make these decisions today, but the hour is coming near. I don’t wish to fan the dying flames, but I’ve never believed the collective assumption that Duda is any better, overall, than Jordany Valdespin — who is another guy who can’t field, but at least has the speed to make me believe that he could improve to adequate levels.


Yes, but you could get Ike out of here already, move Lucas to first, and put Jordany in left, and see what transpires. At this point Valdepsin/Duda does not have to be an either/or situation. It’s over for Davis here, why keep prolonging the agony?

Great to see a solid outing from Niese again. When he had that bad stretch it got scary. We don’t just need Niese for 2013, he needs to be part of the solution to this current mess.


There are hopeful scenarios for the Mets, narratives where it all works out in the end, and pitching is at the core of every one. Niese clearly has ability; I still have faith in him. You know, you mentioned it immediately after Monday night’s game: it’s awfully easy to take for granted the overall play of David Wright. He’s really, really good!


And then on Tuesday he gets a big hit again. Don’t nitpick what Wright cannot do folks, enjoy him.


murphyTake a bow, Mike. You predicted a big year for Parnell and he’s been a stud this season. That’s one spot Sandy can cross off his shopping list. I’m also happy with Murphy. Did you catch his comments after the game on Monday? He’s got some fire, that boy. The Mets desperately need more of that.


It has come to this with Murphy. When Gardner robbed him again on Tuesday, I turned to my friend and said, “they will be sorry. Never poke the bear.” Tell Sandy to cross second base off the list too, Murphy is the type of player who becomes more valuable as your team improves.


Ruben Tejeda has gone 16-89 over the month of May. Even worse, pitchers have stopped walking him (4 for the month), giving him a May line of .180/.215/.213. So Terry Collins, like a mad scientist in a lab, looks at that and figures — leadoff man! (I know, poor Terry doesn’t have the cards.)

I can’t help but go back to the Michael Bourn signing with the Indians at 4/$48. A gold glove center fielder and a capable leadoff man. The Mets could have afforded that. I can’t imagine a comparable bargain being available next winter. Shin-Soo Choo (not a good fielder) is going to get a much better contract than that, don’t you think?


Choo is fine in right field and we need one of those too. It will cost what the market bears. It’s time the Mets re-entered the market. Bourn was complicated, the draft pick does have value. If you monetize that as well, the 4/$48 changes. Right now we project to a protected pick in the next draft.


GopherHey, I have to comment on Jeff Wilpon. After months of hiding, he finally gets near a microphone on Tuesday night and makes a buffoon of himself and the organization. It was the perfect antithesis, Jeff the loser, joking to Rivera in front of the Citi Field faithful about how the Mets are not likely going to make the World Series this year (the season is not a 1/3 over, but he gave up long ago) and Rivera, the winner, replying, “You never know.” In sports, you never do know, unless, of course, you conclude that trying is out of the question.


Unless, unless, Jeff was actually talking about the Yankees? The quote was,

Wish we could see you in the World Series, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen.”

Because it’s three games in and the Yankees have no answer for the Mets. Last week I asked if the Mets could just get Jeremy Hefner ten runs already so he could get a win. I sold him short, it appears nine works just fine. How big a beat down was this? Leadoff hitter Ruben Tejada, and number eight hitter Ike Davis both got hits in the first inning.

So three up, three down, bring your brooms to the Bronx tomorrow.

Let’s Go Mets!



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  1. Alan K. says:

    I agree with what you said about Parnell but given the fact that the Mets are still several years away from contention I can’t help but wonder what type of value Parnell may have to a contender at the trade deadline. While I agree Parnell could be a major piece of the Mets’ puzzle, there are still a lot of pieces left to fill and it’s a possibility that should be explored if there’s a team that may be willing to overpay in order to win now.

  2. Brian Joura says:

    Hey Mike – Can you expound on what you meant when you said, “Murphy is the type of player who becomes more valuable as your team improves.”

    To me, that line of thinking applies to Lucas Duda. He gets criticized to no end because this team needs him to be a 30-HR, 120-RBI guy and he may never be that. But he’s got a .228 Isolated Slugging Percentage, which puts him on Page 1 of the FanGraphs leaderboard. Combine that with his ability to get on base and you have a very valuable offensive player.

    Offensively I liken him to 2008-era Jayson Werth. The stars of the team were clearly Howard and Utley but it was no picnic when you got by them and had to face Werth. Imagine if this Mets team had someone else on Wright’s level as a hitter and Duda could fall into Werth’s role with those Phillies clubs. To me, he would be more valuable in that situation.

    FWIW – 2008 Jayson Werth had a 122 OPS+ while 2013 Duda coming into Thursday’s game has a 130 OPS+

    • Michael Geus says:


      Murphy does not have speed or home run power, but he can really hit. His hits go to less waste when he has talent around him.

      I can’t speak for others but I’m ok with Duda offensively. I certainly hope he can do more though.

      The thing with Lucas is he cannot play left field. On TV he looks bad on some plays, but every time I go to a game it is painfully obvious watching him that he has to move. Twice on Tuesday he took routes that had us laughing in the stands — and this on balls he finally caught.

      That is one sure thing that applies to both Duda and Murphy, they both should never play the outfield.

  3. Eric says:

    A comparison of Duda and Werth? I am actually a Duda Fan, but you CANNOT compare these two players—Not if you actually watch them Play!

    Werth is a good glove and a strong Outfield Arm. He has very good speed and cover’s tremendous ground defensively. He’s a Skilled and opportunistic baserunner. Duda is a Future 1b/DH who can carry an OF Glove in a Picn–Johnny Gomes?…Hinske?….. he could become a Bigger bat than that IF he gets his head right—I note the higher aggression—He will build trade value. He CANNOT play OF every day.

    MURPHY: the claims that he’s become “a slightly above average defender”— NO…he has not!!! The most important improvements he’s made are that he is largely out of harm’s way on his pivots….and he is doing a decent job on those turns. He IS a decent bat with good power—I count Doubles!!!

    Parnell: SELL HIGH!!! I am impressed by his improvement. I do not consider him top shelf, and we need an outfielder—Jackie Bradley? The arrival of this team (what year NOW?) is beyond my ability to project Parnell—TRADE.

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