2 Guys Mailbag: “Jose Bautista, New York Met?”



Now with the offseason here, we can get to some outstanding items, including answering some of our e-mail.


Wait, we get e-mail?


We were asked the following by reader Alex Griffel, regarding Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays:

“I’m an avid reader of 2 Guys Talking Mets Baseball and I love your stuff. I don’t know if you guys take requests, but here goes. You recently posted a discussion about whether the Mets should go after Ryan Braun. I wonder if you could give me your thoughts on whether the Mets should look into Jose Bautista. He’s being paid 14 million per year for the next two years, with a club option for 2016. He’s oft-injured and near 33 (as opposed to 30 and PED clouded), but his contract is shorter and wouldn’t be as much of an albatross as Braun’s. He would obviously still fit that profile as a corner outfielder with power, and because of A. Injury history, B. Age, and C. Contract length, he would theoretically cost less than Braun in a trade, even with the PED’s. Plus Anthopoulos has to be feeling the pressure to get a little bit younger and to recoup some prospects from all the deals he’s made the past few years. He won’t get Syndergaard back, but the Jays need pitching in a bad way, so how about a deal centered around Ike, some bullpen pieces (would you include Parnell?), and someone like deGrom or Montero?

I’d love to see your thoughts in a future post.”


In the last day or so, Bautista’s name surfaced on various Mets sites due to a recent post from Ben Nicholson-Smith of SportsNet Canada. In the post Nicholson-Smith had the following quote from Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos:

“The core that we have in place from a contractual standpoint speaks for itself.”

“That’s not to say that we would rule anything out. No one has a no-trade clause. Clearly, with players that are productive if you move those players you don’t want to fill one hole to create one in another area. But I don’t think we ever enter any discussions saying we’re unwilling to discuss any player.”

A big slugger like Joey Bats sounds good to me, so I checked in with Ian Hunter, who does such a great job over at the Blue Jay Hunter. I wanted to see, after the disappointing season that they had, if there was any buzz in Toronto that Bautista could end up on the market. According to Ian, the answer is no.

He said:

“I can’t really foresee a situation where the Blue Jays would trade Jose Bautista this offseason. While it’s true they’re in desperate need of elite starting pitching, moving Bautista would create a huge hole on the roster.

“The truth is the Blue Jays are no longer in rebuilding mode, they are in “win-now mode”; and subtracting an elite-like player like Jose Bautista from the lineup may put them further behind, regardless of what player or players they receive in return.

“The only rumours I’ve really heard this season related to Jose Bautista is just a hypothetical deal that some people have floated out there with the Rangers involving Jurickson Profar. Looking at the Mets roster, I can’t really see anyone who could fill that starting pitching void the Blue Jays need — unless Matt Harvey was suddenly 100% healthy.”

I suspect Ian is on the money, and personally I read Anthopoulos’s comments as someone just stating a policy that his team considers anything that comes their way.

Things went very badly for Toronto in 2013 but I don’t think they are ready to do a 180. I see them retooling and giving it another shot next year. They still have talent to build around.


ra-dickeyI worried about R.A. Dickey in that ballpark — the ball just flies out of there. Overall, though, I think he weathered a difficult season fairly well. Next year should be better. But with Toronto, it’s the same old story. What a tough division.


Thanks for the e-mail Alex, it gave us something interesting to discuss today. Also a reminder to all of our readers that we can be reached at talkingmets@aol.com (Jimmy) and 2GuysMets@gmail.com (Mike), and that we do read our mail . . . eventually.


What’s this about e-mail? I’m not paying for that.
















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  1. Alan K. says:

    I’m mildly surprised that Ian Hunter didn’t see Wheeler as someone who can fill the Jays’ starting pitching void. But I don’t think the Blue Jays need to blow things up, with some smart additions they should certainly improve.

    • You know how it is with all the young dudes these days.

    • bluejayhunte says:

      I really like Wheeler, but the problem on the Blue Jays end is they need elite starting pitching. I’m not saying that Wheeler couldn’t be a #1 or #2 down the road, but if Toronto is going to trade a cornerstone like Bautista, they need an ace in return.

      • RAFF says:

        BlueJay> There is another way of looking at this. Wheeler is a strong young arm with big potential, and he’s going to make small dollars over the next few years. Bautista is locked in for the next 3 years at $14mil per year (2016 is a team option). Toronto could look at the move as STEP 1. They could make the trade and then put the $14mil in play for a free agent bat. Admittedly, they might need to spend additional money, if they were to target Choo or one of the top bats out there. As stated a couple days ago – There’s a lot of upside on the Toronto Roster if Johnson Reyes, Rasmus and Melky return to health and return to form. All that said- I’d much prefer that the Mets approach it with he goal of KEEPING Wheeler and adding a 12-17MM Free agent bat. At this point, I don’t see them getting better if they swap young stating pitching, which is under team control at low spending, for a bat. For similar $$$, they can have both – admittedly a lesser bat than Bautista- But that lesser bat will still be pretty good, if they pick the right guy. Overall, the team will be better by having wheeler and a bat than if they elect to swap Wheeler for a bat.

  2. RAFF says:

    Injuries & lots of missed games from Josh Johnson, Reyes, Bautista, Rasmus, and Melky really cost the Jays this year. If healthy- they have the personnel to win the Division or make a wild-card. They have 5 guys in that lineup who could hit 25 HRs or more- 2 of Whom could hit 40 or more. If they re-up Johnson, and he returns to form, or if they get a front line starter ,they could be a force.

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